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Debunking the Dress Code

Dress Code Pilgrim Event Dress

What’s the difference between White Tie and Black Tie? What qualifies as a Cocktail dress? What does ‘Semi-Formal’ even mean?! Ever find yourself confused, frustrated and a little bit nervous about the dress code? Don’t worry, Pilgrim is here to help. Here’s a quick run-down of every possible dress-code you’re likely to come across and what to wear to each.

Eternal Dress Pilgrim

(Pictured Above – Eternal Dress)

White Tie
This is absolutely the most formal that it gets; think Pride and Prejudice fancy. Women are expected to be in very formal, floor length gowns, wearing long elbow-length gloves and to be totally decked out to the nines.
Think Pilgrim’s Eternal Dress, beautifully minimalistic, long enough to fit the code and would look amaze with full-length gloves.

Black Tie
The next step down, but still super fancy, way more Oscars style than uppity English Ball. Women are still expected to be in  formal floor length or ankle length gowns and be super glammed up. If you’re iffy about the difference, just Google ‘2016 Oscars Dresses’ to get an idea of what is expected at a Black Tie event.

Ramona Dress Pilgrim

(Pictured Above – Ramona Dress)

You’re still required to bring the goods, but this dress code is a little more under-stated than the Oscar-Worthy glam that Black Tie is looking for.
With this dress code, you can wear an ankle or knee-length dress in classic colors, or opt for dressy co-ords. A shorter cocktail dress is also acceptable, but you want to keep right away from anything too short; that means keep away from the club dresses people.
Pilgrim’s Ramona Dress would be a perfect fit for this dress code – fashionable, yet feminine.

World Apart Dress Pilgrim

(Pictured Above – World Apart Dress)

Morning Suit
Generally geared toward weddings, (particularly those which occur before 4:30pm), this dress code mainly navigates what kind of suit the men should wear. Women should wear a dressy day time dress of a modest length, (remember what I said about those clubbing dresses) and maybe consider accessorizing with a hat of some sort – think races style.
Pilgrim’s World Apart Dress is very well suited to this theme; great length, great shape and great for a day-time wedding.

Cocktail is widely considered informal, particularly when you compare it to black and white tie occasions. You should still be thinking modest – from above the knee to ankle-length, but no longer or shorter. In colder months, feel free to wear a cape, wrap or blazer.

Transfixed Jumpsuit Event Dresses

(Pictured Above – Transfixed Jumpsuit)

Smart Casual
You can breathe a sigh of relief here – this is where things start getting a little more relaxed. In saying that, denim is absolutely not welcome here.
You can wear a cocktail dress, or a skirt and top/blouse, a long-line jumpsuit or even tailored pants. Think really fancy dinner at a nice restaurant with the people your parter work with and you want to make a good impression.
Costume jewelry is also a go, feel free to bling it up and you can start to be more adventurous with color.
The Transfixed Jumpsuit from Pilgrim Clothing would totally blow this category out of the water.

This dress code implies that the event at hand is going to be pretty laid back. Remember though, jeans, shorts and tank tops are still not appropriate. Ladies can wear a pretty sundress, like Pilgrim’s Lace Flare Dress. Avoid anything metallic, as well as satins or crazy embellishments, as these will be too dressy. Remember the K.I.S.S. principle with this one – Keep It Simple, Stupid.
You can also ditch the heels with this dress code, and opt for pretty flats or sandals instead – all the better to dance in, my dear.

Love, Pilgrim xx

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